October 10, 2015

weekend in the city: pizza at coupepe!


Coupepe is one of the most important discoveries I made a couple of years ago! I remember this place since the very beginning, when it was tiny and crammed inside, with just three or four tables and a sense of freshly baked dough in the air, mixed with cheese, tomato and salami. Nothing has changed from those days and I’m still coming with the same excitement to find one of the front tables near the cashier or pick a spot next to the window. The excitement remains until the pizza is served. And then, the best part begins!

coupepe2 coupepe3

What it makes it is so special is the thin, flat pizza prepared with various topping combinations. I still haven’t decided which one is my favourite, but i think the “Bresaola” and the “Coupepe”, today won the game! The fulfilment is achieved from the first bite, when the mozzarella hits your tongue, then comes the fresh tomato, the bresaola, the rucola, a slice of parmesan out of the blue, a hint of walnut and a cherry tomato for the finale. And you can’t stop till you have it all!

coupepe4 coupepe5 coupepe6

The place is cosy and friendly, quirky decorated while maintaining the atmosphere of the past. You will observe vintage and old pieces here and there, peculiar items, a domino, a teapot, a wind-up soldier, all matching together, creating a homey and colourful environment. The tables outside, perfect for the sunny days, are a must too!

coupepe7 coupepe8 coupepe9 coupepe10

When it comes to the so-called “Coupepe Pizza”, a real amusement for your mouth, there are no words left to describe it! Combining the salty and the sweet taste, this very special pizza should be on top of your list. The roquefort cheese works perfectly with the raspberry sauce, keeping the ideal balance between the two ingredients.

coupepe11 coupepe12 coupepe13 coupepe14

Coupepe opens early in the morning for the first coffee, and serves throughout the day and night. On Sundays I usually walk my dog down there and take my breakfast under their umbrellas. The omelette is delicious and if you are a “sandwich person” there is a huge variety including goat cheese, pecorino, spec and salami, to choose from! Reasonable prices, friendly staff and good vibes!



Whenever I come here for a quick lunch break with a friend, I order the “Bacon Salad” and a glass of wine. There are times though when we can’t stand the sight of the pizza passing by, so we end up sharing both the “Bacon” salad AND the “Bacon” pizza and that seems the fairest!

coupepe18 coupepe19

 Whether you are in the neighbourhood or not, don’t miss this tasty experience! Pizza lovers should be already familiar with this place and the newcomers must give a try!


Coupepe, Platia Iroon Politechniou 31, Nea Penteli. tel: +0030 21 0810 0040

(photos and text by Gertrude, post created especially for teapot.gr)

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