January 24, 2016

wedding ideas to get inspired, just in case!

1.) Gillian and Chris: 

Thinking about tying the knot this year? Well take a closer look to those three weddings and steal some unusual ideas for the Big Day! Gillian’s amazing dress is from Temperley London. We love the colourful and floral details matching perfectly with her bouquet! Flower goodness!

wedding2 wedding4 wedding5 wedding6 wedding7 wedding8 wedding9 wedding10 wedding11

(this wedding photos by Dan O’ Day)

2.) Katie & Eli:


This couple was married in a magical mossy land of tree houses adorned with hand painted whimsy, wildflowers tucked into every inch, fig and honey drenched desserts on display, layered homespun attire, butterflies, vines and wild berries woven throughout, with a custom crafted signature whiskey! Stunning right?

wedding13 wedding14 wedding15 wedding16 wedding17 wedding18 wedding19 wedding20 wedding21 wedding22 wedding23 wedding24

(this wedding photos by Wildflowers Photography)

3.) Bryony and Simon: 


This creative, New York based, Australian couple headed home to Sydney to celebrate their big day. Thee Grounds of Alexandria with it’s luscious gardens of heirloom vegetables and fragrant herbs lent a rustic and industrial aesthetic and provided a distinct backdrop for photos. The wedding dress is from BHLDN if you want to check their amazing website!

wedding26 wedding27 wedding28 wedding29 wedding30 wedding31 wedding32 wedding33 wedding34 wedding35

(this wedding photos by Lara Hotz)

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