November 7, 2014

warm your home!


it’s the right season to unbury your rugs and carpets, do some serious housework and enjoy the cosiness of your winter home, wearing your wooly pair of socks. if you are about to buy a new piece of rug, please pick the colourful ones, otherwise i’ll have to sue you!


carpets2 carpets4wish3

one. Honeycomb Wood Shelf from Urban Outfitterstwo. Denim Quilted Kimono from Zara Home , three. Hasamiyaki Mugs from Need Supply , four. 1937 diamond trouser socks from Madewell five. Fringed Monterey Rug from Anthropologie , six. seven. Fog Linen from Love Creative People



carpets8 carpets9 carpets10

(images from top to bottom a.b.c.d.e.f.g.h.i.j.k.)

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