May 9, 2012

Vacation house : Tinos !

Summer is approaching  -if not yet arrived- and the search for the ultimate hotel room becomes tricky! I start feeling an inner debate just after I came across this property! What is preferable ?A 5star hotel room or your own “sanatorium” ? If you already know the answer you must be probably redecorating and transforming your interior into a heaven of tranquility….Were I you -cause I’ll never abandon the hotel room idea- I would have painted the walls white in order to leave a clean and loose space to “play” with my so cherished vintage finds:

one.Florentine Chandelier from ABC Home/ two.Dinner Plate from Anthropologie/ three.Dessert Plate from Anthropologie/ four.Vintage Oil Painting from Etsy/ five.Blue Coffee Table from Maisons du Monde/ six.Vintage Miniature Oil Lamp from Etsy/ seven.Huari Rug from Anthropologie/ eight.Nouveau Lily Pot from Terrain

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