July 18, 2013

tiny editorial / 33 with Mohxa!

Jason Pachos and George Papachatzopoulos from Paleo Faliro, Athens, form a new fashion design group with shirts and tote bags, in patterns and designs that could satisfy even the most exigent man.Teapot took an interview of the guys, who are really proud to present their newer collection, under the brand title of Mohxa.

Jason is a photographer, while George works with garments and both are really close friends, who grew up in Paleo Faliro. Time get to know them better!

Photography (Jason) and Fashion (George). Were your artistic spirits meant to collaborate one day? Yeap! And since we’ve never started a band.. Or picked up any instruments..We picked up scissors and started cutting shirts!

We usually see duets of designers working abroad. Two work always better than one alone? While working in a pair, ideas die or get materialized always faster. It’s a consequence, it’s a bless.

You are Greek and from Paleo Faliro. Is there an “essence” of your district in your creations? Paleo Faliro has been a dream wrecker. Maybe when it started switching from what it was (a summer exit district) to practically, an extension of Athens, the ghosts of all romantic projections were crushed by cement walls and haunt its streets. We love Faliro.

Why did you choose men shirts as the main part of your production? We just wanted to introduce ourselves formally! Shirts were the ideal canvas for our first projections.

What should a man pay attention to, while picking out a shirt for himself? If he is in the mood for wearing that shirt or he is gonna get worn – don’t get worn!

Tote bags. Why should we choose them instead of all the other types of bags? Because if your doing it right, you don’t need more than what a tote fits. We help you by adding an inner pocket.

Mohxa -your brand name- means liberation. What your work makes you feel liberated from? Liberation from the cliché we lived primarily in Greece. Liberation from stagnation and dependency.

How could you describe fashion with three words? Continuous celebration of individualism- love that word, hides ‘dual‘ in it.

A general interest question. If you weren’t doing what you do now, what would you do? Jay would gradually become an immigrant in Brazil and George was beginning to dream about London. By the way, both countries have been quite influential to our lives so far.

Finally, what are your plans for the future? Is there anything we should be really eager to wait for? Our cozy autumn capsule collection, another step towards complete Mohxa!

Willy and Leonidas wear Mohxa Shirts/Summer 2013 Collection

art direction: Jason Pachos & George Papachatzopoulos
photography: Gertrude Gary Milk interview: Tim Krag

You can find Mohxa tops and bags at Mohxa.com and Ozon Boutique
For more information about Mohxa’s news, like them on Facebook here !

(post created exclusively for teapot.gr)

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