January 10, 2016

tim travels to fascinating Tokyo!


A trip to remember..To the city of neon lights and to the ultimate combination of modern culture and traditional cuisine. Tokyo is for lovers, for sushi enthusiasts, for anime fans and for passionate travellers!

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Tokyo is the city where you never get bored eating and you can shop until you..drop! Making your way through Nakamise street in Asakusa for the necessary souvenir shopping, do not forget that you are not allowed to eat while walking, so wait until you find “Sometaro” restaurant for a unique japanese cook-by-yourself experience!

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tokyo8For a bird-eye view, try the entrance-free Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building in Shinjuku to admire the amazing skyscrapers who define the city’s skyline and then head to Akihabara, the “Electric city” where you can find any gadget you can imagine, from the most important rice-cookers to the high-end cameras and cellphones.




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If you find yourself in Tokyo on a Sunday, then do not miss the chance to visit the Meiji shrine, where there is a strong possibility to witness a japanese traditional wedding ceremony and you can picture yourself with all the fashionable guests and the super-cute dressed-in-kimonos baby girls!


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Now, for all you sushi addicts, the largest fish market in the world is located in Tsukiji, Tokyo, so head over there in the morning for the most delicious and most fresh sushi plates. To be honest, it was the only time in my life where I had sushi for breakfast but guess what..the savors were jaw-dropping!

tokyo15 tokyo16


Next to Tsukiji market, you will find the Hamarikyu gardens, where you can stroll around, admire the scenery and gaze upon the 300-year-old pines. Stop for a cup of tea on the traditional tea-house and relax while watching the serene waters of the small city-lake.



tokyo23 tokyo24Either you are a buddhist or not, you will be fascinated by the long tradition of Japan in Buddhism, the picturesque Sensoji temple and the neighboring multistory pagoda, which are perfect examples of east-asian architecture.


tokyo26 tokyo27 tokyo28 tokyo29

For Tokyo nighlife, visit the red-light district, known as Kabuki-cho and try some sushi in the numerous sushi restaurants in Shinjuku, which offer a wide variety of dishes in the lowest prices. Belt-sushi is a Tokyo trend and you will feel like a true Japanese if you visit a sushi restaurant where the plates roll over a belt and stop exactly in front of you by pushing a single button!

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Last but not least, get lost in the world’s most crowded crossing in Shibuya for a cosmopolitan feeling and head to Harajuku to take a picture of the Harajuku girls, who dress like anime-characters and create the most bedazzling looks for your..camera lenses only!

tokyo33 tokyo34 tokyo35 tokyo36

Just to wrap up my experience, what I will mostly miss from Tokyo is its kind people who are always willing to help, the vibrant atmosphere and the feeling that you are in a city of endless possibilities! Until my next travel post..Sayonara!

tokyo37 tokyo38

(words by Tim Krag our most valuable travel reporter, special thanks to Pascal Panagiotidis for the photo material!)

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