February 11, 2016

thoughts on a new home with nikki!


Nikki has just moved to a new bright home in Exarcheia area after house hunting for close to eight months. She quickly set about planning a mini renovation to accommodate her plans for a quite and happy life. Today we take a close look into her living room, an open space overlooking the sky and the neighbour buildings. What are some of her tips for an inner bliss?


“Try keeping your space clean and tidy. It’s very relaxing to return home after a busy day and find (almost) everything organised and in the right order. Also don’t over do the decorating. Mix, match and co-ordinate!  Avoid overly repeating the style, theme, colors and patterns.”


“Always fill your space with fresh flowers. My personal favourite is Japanese quince. Every Saturday I visit the street market near my place and I buy a bunch or two.Τhey give me such joy and they brighten up my living room.”


“I make relaxing sounds with my Tibetan bowl after my yoga practice. Bono, my French Bulldog loves it too! Stick to the sounds and the music that make you feel calm, only if your pet agrees of course.”

nikki_viokef6 nikki_viokef7

“After an exhausting day in the office, I try to disconnect myself from every electronic device. I love to draw, listen to loud music and read my books. Oh and some instagram wouldn’t do much harm right?”


If you are a pet owner you should probably be accustomed to animal hair on floors, furniture your clothes, everywhere. I usually place an old soft duvet wherever Bono likes to rest, and periodically shake it outside to remove most of his hair. Grooming your dog will help diminish the problem of unruly hair too but”


“Τhe light is a very important factor for me and the place I choose to live in. I love it when sun rays fill a room throughout the day. For the new house I chose ceramic wall lamps that bring out a natural light and a very delicate feeling”

nikki_viokef10 nikki_viokef11


“Late in the evening, I like to rest on the carpet with Bono. I have my books around, he has his toys and I really enjoy this time spent quietly on the floor. It’s the little details that are vital and this desk lamp with the wooden details is the best company for my Pin-Up studies!”


“I don’t have a dining room, I prefer having my dinner or lunch in the kitchen and leave the place free for my activities! Rope jumping, hula hoop and crazy solo dancing!”


“My dress is vintage, my dog is a French Bulldog, my view is Athens City. The painting’s are created by Dimitirios Vasiliou , the frames are my grandma’s, the lights are Viokef ! Thanks for stopping by!”

photography by Getrude Gary Milk, words and tips by Nikki Hayia


Want to know more about Nikki’s world? Follow her on YouTube here and watch her hilarious and funny videos on Bliss Bits by Konstanitnos Tsakmaz. (Greek only, sorry!)

(post created especially for teapot.gr)


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