November 10, 2015

things that make me happy / 2


Αthena Koutroumanos: “While i was finishing my churros for breakfast and trying to convince myself that this small slip-up has nothing to do with my so called “balanced diet”, I’m thinking about all those daily slip-ups that happen to be the salt of our life, making our everyday routines a bit brighter, a bit prettier.”

tokataifi2 tokataifi3 tokataifi4 tokataifi5 tokataifi6

“It is more than profound that for me Food means Pure Joy. It should be also very clear to you know now, that the very first thing that crosses my mind the minute I get out of bed, is “what’s for lunch?”. Whenever I’m dreaming of a trip, I automatically think about this French bistrot I should definitely visit and whenever I walk alone around Athens, I usually indulge into a relaxing lunch-break with me and my thoughts around the same table.”


“That’s because lonely people have a lot of thoughts, tons of them, and I truly believe that only these daily, simple, little pleasures are able enough to make us love life and feel pleased.”


  “No matter how much time I consume in front of my wardrobe, searching for the perfect outfit and no matter how odd and peculiar I seem to the old lady inside the bus just because I’m wearing a hat, (yes a hat), I’m feeling great inside my pink coat. This is what matters! Because this exact pink coat does make my happy today!”

tokataifi9 tokataifi10 tokataifi11 tokataifi13

“People call me “Kataifi”, I love sushi, mushrooms, vegetable smoothies (the greener the better) and eating pufuleti in bed while listening to music. I love my cat Themo and my dog Vlassi. I love my tiny apartment in Patisia, the multicultural aspects of Athens, the allspice scents on Sundays, the crammed street food markets, the tiny Indian restaurant in my neighbourhood, the big hugs during cold nights, the fluffy pyjamas. I love my anxiety disorder that made me try to love myself and embrace my flaws.”


Thank you Athena for showing us your extraordinary world!

(photos by Gertrude, post created especially for

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