October 20, 2015

things that make me happy / 1


You don’t have to be happy to have things that do make you Happy! If you are having a hard time, please stick to those habits that boost your mood and cheer you up! Caution! This is not a column to show how happy we are, this is is a column dedicated to those feeling miserable and desperate, but strong enough to realise which small things can make them blissful just for a minute! Stay strong and always smile!


Gelly is a core part of the teapot team. Whenever feeling down she resorts to one of the following that put a smile on her face and warm her heart! (Yes! peanut butter is one of them!)

happy3 happy4 happy5 happy7

completing the list: hot autumn tea, world maps, fluffy socks and disney movies! 


What makes you happy when feeling unhappy?