January 31, 2013

The snow patrol ( Part II )


Dmitri, Lena’s Russian colleague who recently landed in Finland, is definitely not an open book.

His job resembles Lena’s, thus he is responsible of patrolling the area, that is full of snow this time of year, in order to check whether things go right or not. However, besides this task, he has an extra responsibility, working as a secret agent for Russian Homicide Department. Lena is totally unaware of that. Unfortunately, she will get familiar with this fact in an extraordinary way..

 10:00 a.m.

 Heavy clouds betoken the upcoming snowfall this morning. Dmitri is out, cutting a log bundle with an ax in order to fill the empty fireplace with birch wood. It is freezing cold out there and the thermometer’s showing – 40 o C.

Lena is coming today for a second visit aiming to learn more about the mysterious man.

 L: Let me help you with that. You cannot carry inside the whole bundle of wood..!

 D: No, that’s fine. You can just open the door for me..

 Dmitri’s chalet is so neatly organized. His brown cardigan is perfectly folded on his armchair, having a hunting cup placed on its top. Probably it’s Dmitri’s outfit for the snow patrol. Lena also notices a bottle with a red liquid, abandoned on the floor next to the chair. She assumes that it is some kind of syrup.

 Dmitri places the wood cautiously in the fireplace and tries to set up a fire. Lena’s ear catches a noise from outside but she doesn’t pay much attention. She remains stunned looking at the moose head, hung on the wall.

 All of a sudden, a man appears in front of her, having sneaked inside from the door left hardly open.

Failing to react at the right moment, the intruder punches her on the face. His next victim is Dmitri, an old “friend” last seen in the Russian steppe. A step closer and he can push him right in the fireplace provoking a serious burn.

 However, Dmitri is not a rookie. He jumps on the floor and grasps the bottle with the red acidic liquid. His target was the intruder’s face, which, seconds later, was burning like hell.

 02:00 p.m.

 Lena feels relieved recognizing Dmitri’s contribution to her life’s salvation, yet kind of dizzy from the punch on her nose. Her initial thoughts for this man were absolutely wrong. He came here for a reason. Even though he may have brought some enemies with him, Dmitri knows how to protect himself and especially the others on his side.

Maybe now, she feels safer than ever in this almost dead and creepy place. The only “threat” against her is the fake moose head hanging on the wall, which stares her right in the eyes..

by Tim Krag

(product search and photo collage by Gertrude)

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