June 7, 2015

the pomegranate granita!


May I serve you? This is our delicious, colourful, and very refreshing treat for those sweating days of summer! A lime, verbena, pomegranate granita is on top of our afternoon-veranda menu list!


 lime, verbena, pomegranate granita:

• 1 cup water
• verbena leves
• 1 cup sugar
• zest of one lime
• 3 tspn fresh lime juice
• 4 cups natural pomegranate juice
• optional for serving: pomegranate seeds and spearmint leaves


how to prepare:

 In a saucepan, bring  water to boil, add the verbena leaves and steep for desired time (about 7 minutes). Remove the leaves. Then add the sugar, the lime zest and stir well. Let liquid cool completely. Whisk in lime and pomegranate juice and pour liquid into a freezer safe dish (we suggest a metal one). Every hour or so, remove the dish from the freezer and scrape the solid bits with a fork. After a few hours your granita will be ready! Serve and eat it immediately before melting!


Pomegranates have a tangy, earthy flavour which we find very mysterious! But if you are not a pomegranate lover, you can try this recipe by replacing pomegranate with cherry juice. Give it a try, it’s very easy and delicious!


photos and styling by Gertrude Gary Milk , recipe by Nasia

(post created especially for teapot.gr)

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