June 23, 2015

the noel bar: for it’s always christmas!


How do you celebrate the beginning of a new era with a good friend? Maybe over a”Kunta Kinte” cocktail? Is it Noel that makes everything seem perfect and optimistic and joyful? Is it the name? Or the vibes? Or the warmest atmosphere in town? Yes it is! It’s Christmas day in the middle of a flaming, balmy summer!


So if you ask me, there is really no better way to spend your afternoon, or night, or even your morning day-off but celebrating your small achievements at Noel, surrounded by gipsy, jazz, funk and soul tunes, baroque, theatrical and mystical interior touches and any of the cocktails and dishes from the menu!


 Nikki enjoyed the “Kunta Kinte” cocktail, a Mediterranean version of the Polynesian “Tiki”. The sips i stole from her glass reassured me that following Yiannis Korovesis and his cocktail list  at any spot around town was proven the right thing!


Now are you ready to shut down your laptop, grab your things and your bestie and reserve a seat at the bar? It’s a magical place, turning your wishes into actual goals. And if you dare to imply that I’m exaggerating, i have to pinpoint that here it’s Noel, οr Christmas in the middle of June and yes, everything is possible!


our advice: apart from the cocktails, do try the thin truffle pizza and the Sunday brunch menu! our favourite spot is near the window or at any seat under the chandeliers!  And don’t forget that the Nasturtium flower in the ”Kunta Kinte” cocktail is edible too!

noel7 noel8 noel11 noel12 noel13 noel16 noel18 noel19

Noel Bar, 59B Kolotroni Street, Athens. For more information visit their Facebook page here.

(photos by Gertrude, thank you Nikki for sharing you thoughts, your love and your cocktails with me!)

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