December 13, 2015

the blue white giveaway!


 We are more than excited today because The Blue White, one of our favourite Greek home decor brands has taken its place in our studio! We brought together their summery vibes and our festive mood and we created a welcoming breakfast table!


See those striped fish placemats? The cactus espresso cups, the donkey totes and hoodies? Well part of their 2015 collection can today be yours! Our heart beats for every pattern and item designed by The Blue White, but I guess the fish placemats will be accompanying our daily morning tea rituals!


Created in 2015, The Blue White presents a collection of handcrafted home and beach accessories. The fabrics are produced in Greece and the patterns are silkscreen hand-printed exclusively in blue and white colors. Close your eyes and imagine a Greek island. Blue White is the first image that comes to your mind. The Greek islands, the sea, the blue sky, the Cycladic architecture. This blue and white scenery is the source of our inspiration.

blue_white4 blue_white5 blue_white6 blue_white7 blue_white8 blue_white9 blue_white10

The 2016 collection is in the making and includes blue and white creations for a sea-touched home, such as ‘Art de Table’ items, pillows, silkscreened deco elements, cartes postales and night masks. Also, a selection of accessories, such as beach coverups, t-shirts and  sea bags are made to complete the blue and white story of your holidays.



During this cold season the Donkey Hoodie will warm you up and YES it’s back in stock to order now! What’s your own favourite from the entire collection and you cross fingers to become yours?



Here is how to win your BLUE WHITE presents:

1. Share this post on Facebook

2. Leave a comment below (be sure to include your email too)

one lucky reader will be announced on Monday December 21st!

find more about The Blue White on their website here. For a daily dose of inspiration follow The Blue White on Facebook and Instagram too!  

(all photos by Gertrude Gary Milk, post created especially for

35 thoughts on “the blue white giveaway!

  1. Amaryllis @ The Tasty Other

    Love the photos! And all the Blue White items look so cool- and make me wish summer was here already!

  2. Hippie

    Μα τι καταπληκτικά!!! όλα τα θέλω!! αλλά τα φουτεράκια με τα γαϊδουράκια σα να μου κλείνουν το μάτι ;)

  3. Melina

    Καλοκαιράκι στην καρδιά του χειμώνα με τα υπέροχα αντικείμενα και ρούχα Blue White!!

  4. SooJeong Ha

    Wooow i love them all! I would like to wear that donkey hoodie and carry fish bag and drink coffee in that cute little donkey espresso cup!!!


    Τέλεια όλα !!!Μακάρι να σταθώ τυχερή και να κερδίσω!!! Καλές γιορτές!!

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