October 30, 2013

teapot went to…Paris! (part 2)


 Christine is in the kitchen of her Saint Germain apartment preparing Kusmi tea and crepes Suzette for her guests.We’ve opened a city map in the living room waiting  for our Parisian guru, to fill it with red dots and insider tips.She brings a pen,the tea and the crepes and starts revealing her local habits!


1.means of transport: “For me, Paris is a small big city. I rely on my feet –with or without heels- and on my vintage bike to go around town. Sometimes I take the metro but I feel that the only reason I do so, is because I want to admire the famed iron-and-glass Art Deco entrances.”


2.retail therapy: “My grandma’s closet is definitely on top of the list! When I don’t borrow (and never return) her statement pieces I go window shopping at Marie Mercié (23 rue St-Sulpice) – for the most unique hats- or I spend hours coveting incredible collections inside Collette (213 rue Saint-Honoré).”
 3.chit-chat headquarters : “Undoubtedly La Palette (43 Rue de Seine). It’s the place where we warm up our bohemian hearts with a Pernod during the late afternoons. Crowded or not, we always find a spot between Fine Arts students, gallery owners and artists.”


4. active childhood city habit: “One thing I’ve been doing since I was twelve is strolling through all the covered passages I find on my way home. Now my friends know that if they want to meet me “accidentally” after work, my last stop would be around 7 pm inside Galerie Véro-Dodat (connecting Rue de Jean-Jacques Rousseau and Rue de Croix-des-Petits-Champs).”


5.a place to lose your mind:On Saturday mornings we are in a state of bankruptcy, I leave Shakespeare and Co. (37 rue de la Bûcherie) with a bag filled with books when my boyfriend calls to inform me that all our savings have gone to vinyls from Crocodisc ( 42 Rue des Ecoles).”


6.best dinner in Paris: “Our friends Liz and Pierre turn their house boat terrace into the best “bistro” in Paris! Liz is an excellent cook and her goat cheese, zucchini tart attracts close friends and acquaintances from the other side of the town. Pierre plays and sings the blues till dawn and Margot, their French bulldog, barks happily!”


 7.how the rest of the world sees us: “It’s neither a myth nor a cliché! Parisians do walk around with a baguette under their arm. I spot them everywhere and to be honest I’m one of them! Normally we accompany our “flute” with a generous serving of butter and then…we go jogging!”


 8.the weekend classics: “Strolling around Jardins du Luxemburg on Sunday mornings is a delight. At the slightest hint of sun during springtime I pack my picnic basket and spend the whole day reading my books and international newspapers near the boating lake. Does it sound too typical? It is and I wouldn’t change my green metallic chair for the world!”


9.for the French kiss: “The city itself arranges a date for you! We still meet up to enjoy the best views from the top floor of Centre Pompidou or walk along the Seine during midnight. From Pont des Arts we admire the sky changing colors while tearful girls accept marriage proposals, I drop a hint here André (her boyfriend)! .”


 More addresses from Christine:

 Chez Hanna (54 rue des Rosiers) for the best falafel /Grom (Rue de Seine, 81) for a scoop of  stracciatella ice-cream/ Bonton (5 Boulevard des Filles du Calvaire) for haute bohemian children’s clothing and a vintage photobooth / Gallerie Maeght ( 42 rue du Bac ) for an art dose / Le Prince Jardinier ( 46 rue du Bac ) for amazing garden and picnic supplies  paris_collages2l

interview and photos by Gertrude,special thanks to Christine for her kind and sweet hospitality

(post created especially for teapot.gr)

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