March 30, 2012

summer house!

A householder with principles who considers the beach house as a temple of hospitality an relaxation,gears up for the summer before it is too late! Those who own a property at a coastal destination,are more than aware that their three-months holiday demands a previous two-months preparation! Stocking up,renovating and redecorating,all need time (and money),so if you are well organized,I guess,you will enjoy a Saturday morning shopping the essentials,fixing the roof or painting the guest room.It is obvious to you now,that I am giving this advice,because I have to follow it!This weekend I am putting the house in order!The day I’ll be back is Monday,accompanied by a male “tiny editorial” …till then have fun,Gertrude!

one.Vintage Lead Jigs from Pedlars/ two.Piccadilly Chair from Serena and Lily/ three.Slippers from Zara Home/ four.Pink Embroidered Pillow from Layla Grace/ five.Striped Mug from West Elm/ six.Chandelier from Butlers/ seven.Fish plate from Butlers/ eight.Basset Hampers from Zara Home/nine.Lawrence Blanket from Zara Home