September 17, 2013

studio life

What I really love about studio spaces is all that creativity that goes on.Vintage furniture,shabby fabrics,paint buckets,tools,mood boards,brushes and an old radio playing the blues.

one.Vintage Abercrombie & Fitch Boy Shirt from Etsy /two.Vintage black and grey GRUNDIG radio from Etsy/ three.Neptune Synthetic Squirrel Brushes from Dickblick / four.Levis Painter Pants from Etsy/ five.Flower Child,art print poster of original painting from Etsy/six.Splatter Sneakers from  Anthropologie/ seven.Vintage Wooden Stool from Etsy

I have always wanted to work and create in a place that is messy and inspiring at the same time.My little dog would take naps under my canvases on a wooden floor with paint stains.Isn’t this freedom?

(images from top to bottom 1/a.b.c. 2/a.b.c. 3/a.b.c.d.)

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