May 17, 2013

spring garden party!

A few weeks ago teapot and it’s camera attended an exceptional spring garden party!I was so thrilled to be part of this blooming event which took place at the backyard of the extra-ordinary Bourbon Mademoiselle in cooperation with Alexia Gloria (aka CIRCULO pour les petites).

Guests had the chance to go through the beautiful creations of talented artisans and admire special items from vintage sellers.

 You can imagine my enthusiasm when I saw all these different personalities enjoying the live music and the sun in front of my lens!I couldn’t stop capturing this amazing atmosphere!

There is nothing more inspiring than diving into the world of a bunch of creatives and get familiar with their work.

It’ wouldn’t be a successful party without showing us its yummy face too!Tasty bites and refreshing drinks were part of the company!

If you can’t tell we had a ball…then you probably fool yourself!Are you ready for the next?I do am!

participating: Bourbon Mademoiselle, CIRCULO pour les petits, Choc O Rock, Creative Pop by Angeliki Delecha,Run Around Sew,1f8 ,Heartbreak Strollers,Hey-Caribou Jewls,Vintage Village,Zewnart Handmadestuff,Alchemistries,Notis Haute Coiffure.

music: Dj Kostas Dps from Radio Boogie WRBN,Orestis Mantellos & Eirini Chania ,Kostas Kranidiotis, “THE DEAD HOOFERS” Live jazz & swing tunes

all photos by Gertrude for

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