April 30, 2013

small gatherings / 3

Spring knocked our yard door and teapot let the blooming flowers come in for a small gathering!

We hanged handmade paper flags and polka-dotted eggs on the trees and laid the table to welcome our favorite chocolate and mint cake.

Pink lemonade and a colorful floral arrangement are always present when girls get together.

 We put strawberries in the bowls,cupcakes and macaroons on a platter and turned our portable radio on!

Under this burning sun some took their shoes off and others enjoyed a ride with the garden trolley.

Our spring celebration ended late in the afternoon with unexpected guests joining and switching our mood!

Teapot is having a short break during the holidays and returns rejuvenated on May 14th.Happy Easter Holidays!

Art direction, food styling and crafting : Gelly and Gertrude

Photography : Julie Georgantidou

Event Coordinator : Miliband Ralph

our guests : Anna, Kalliarti, Nasia and Maria

project  created especially for teapot.gr

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