February 3, 2013

small gatherings / 2

Our friend Vicky is always willing to read us small extracts from her favorite books.

So,we thought that our next gathering could be an opportunity to share our thoughts on literature.

We sent the invitation to some classic writers and lit up the fireplace!

Everyone agreed that a cup of mulled wine could warm up our both our palms and souls!

We quickly run out of walnuts,so we decided to bake quinces and potatoes in the hot ember.

The books were changing hands and everyone was trying a personalized diction of different parts.

We spent the whole evening sock-footed in front of the fire,reading stories,laughing and fighting about the last bite of  the baked potatos!

art direction: Gelly and Gertrude

photography: Billy K.

event coordinator: Milliband Ralph

our friends: Vicky,Vardan, Anastasis, Teresa 

(project  especially organized for teapot.gr)

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