March 11, 2015

shoreditch junk and vintage!


One of the most important things London teaches a newcomer is to be prepared for the unexpected, and if you are a quick learner you will soon be able to foresee and chase it. We had spent our morning eating a long breakfast in Hoxton, totally aware that each and every stroll around the neighbourhood could be an adventure, but wholly ignorant that a few blocks away an otherworldly experience was sitting tight for us. This is maybe my most precious London post which had been hiding for ages in my hard drive. I couldn’t find the words to describe it, so I had decided to keep it unseen and live with the memories. Now it’s on and i cherish the frenzy of those days.


“Well this is surreal”, I remember whispering, the minute we stepped into Shoreditch Junk. We were keeping our voice down, trying to communicate in a language of bulging eyes. We had just landed on a planet uncommon and quirky, a shop that wasn’t quite a shop. The cave of Ali Baba who was wearing the jacket of “The Police” band!


Anthony, the owner, was lying on the back of his leather chair, the music was loud, cult, weird sounds and a disco ball hanging above our heads. He gave his cigarette a long drag and nodded. I still can’t remember how we all ended up sitting around a table and a heater, talking about politics and unsolved problems in philosophy.

hoxton4 hoxton5

 We were part of an outer world, crammed with a combination of retro and iconic furniture, Αction Men, erotic art, Barbies, pictures of Jesus, religious iconography, vintage treasures, costumes, books, African masks, music instruments, embalmed animals, witty signs and punk memorabilia. I guess it’s a mess on purpose, a retail experience with no price tags, a treasure hunt, under, over and behind things, a joke for the customers, for those who know to play the game and get it straight away.


And if you ask me, yes this could be a dream job, in another life. Working in a surreal world, living between the real and the superficial, drinking my morning tea with Anthony, Linus and Darren, cleaning a window with a “Kiss my Ass” sign, and having a boss who is happy with a moto:  I-want-to-do-weird things-with-crazy-people! That’s Shoreditch Junk, hot, sexy, kooky and unique!

hoxton8 hoxton9 hoxton10 hoxton11 hoxton12 hoxton13 hoxton14 hoxton15

fancy a visit? Shoreditch Junk: 64 Sclater Street Shoreditch, London E1 6HR , +44 7710 858917,  and facebook page here

(photos by Gertrude Gary Milk, special thanks to Ersi, post created especially for

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