January 29, 2016

shop of the week / Le Marché St. George


Le Marché St George is a general store, a café, an occasional event space, and a home. It’s a place where everyone is welcome. It’s real people making real things. It’s Christmas events where Santa comes to takes photos with families all day to raise funds for the food bank. It’s spontaneous moments where musicians come to play. It’s the best artisan chocolate and local jams. It’s fancy dinners and some not-so-fancy dinners.”

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“It’s famous people who sometimes drop by.  It’s Klee, Melissa, Kim, Marie, Janaki, Lola, Pascal, 3 chickens, 2 cats, 2 bee hives and a fish who live here. It’s an old car that won’t die. It’s phenomenal coffee. It’s Janaki, the potter, making pots outside in the freezing cold. It’s making new friends. It’s a group of artists who love to make beautiful things. It’s watching the neighbourhood kids grow up together. “

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“It’s picnics on the living room floor. It’s amazing neighbours who feel comfortable coming over in their pyjamas. It’s love stories that sometimes lead to happily-ever-afters. It’s products chosen with care. It’s where the mothers and fathers come to relax with their kids. It’s a place filled with amazing employees who treat each other like family. It’s a place filled with really beautiful pottery and linens. It’s about raising funds for the children’s playground.”

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“It’s the building inspector who wonders why we didn’t just tear down the building. It’s Pascal who sometimes misses Montreal. It’s children buying their first ice cream. It’s honest people who work long hours. It’s a funky, handsome, all-crooked, old building where all of this is happening!”

lamer35 lamer25 lamer26Le Marché St. George: Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

4393 St. George Street (at the corner of East 28th Avenue), tel: +1 604 565 5107
email: info@marchestgeorge.com, for daily inspiration visit their Instagram page here

(image credits: a.b.c.d.e.f.g, words by Le Marché St. George )

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