June 6, 2015

shop of the week / coast to coast!


“ Coast to Coast Mobile Vintage is a traveling vintage shop with per.so.nal.it.y! Planted in a re-imagined 1976 Serro Scotty lovingly known as Babygirl, this culture brand on wheels is your second chance at re-visiting your teenage bedroom back in 1993″


“Realized by Jaimee Dormer and her boyfriend Adam Lodynsky in March of 2013, this idea was the antidote for their burning desire to both travel and work for something they were passionate about.”


“Having set up at vintage markets, flea markets, music festivals, and pop-ups with local businesses from Maine to Colorado, they are always on the hunt for a new adventure! “


I’m always searching on their Tour page to see where they are rolling! Unfortunately we live in different continents, so I have the slightest chance to meet them in person! BUT there is always their e-shop where I’m spending hours admiring their unique pieces, full of quirky patterns and bright colours!

coast20 coast3

Now see what i mean? Every garment is a unique piece with character!


here are some of my favourites from their awesome shop online: the tropical print romper, this amazing island print overall, the polka dot peach trousers, and the vibrant Hawaiian dress !


I know it’s hard for some of us to know that this retro shop really exists but we can’t reach it! In my dreams I’m following their adventures from coast to coast, but the truth is that I’m constantly checking their instagram account for inspiration! Who knows? Maybe one day i’ll take the same picture out of Babaygirl!

coast25 coast24 coast27 coast27 coast29 coast28

Follow Coast to Coast Mobile Vintage Shop on Instagram here, for a daily dose of awesomeness! Check their Tour page here and spot them on the map! Dream job? Checked!

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