March 17, 2016

setting new running goals!


We’ve never spoken about exercise here before and you know why? Because we rarely do any. I used to run daily along the beach, feeling great that I was sticking to a healthy plan and suddenly this habit was over. Loads of work, lack of sleep and the first thing you give up is taking care of yourself!  But these days came to an end. Full stop. We are back in the game!


Thanks to Nikki and her motivational strategies we are introducing exercise again in our rat-race! The most important thing to do when you’re “on the bench” for quite a long period is to begin your fitness plan now. Do not postpone, start today!

nike3 nike4

First step is always the hardest but don’t give up! Change into your sports bra, we are going out! Begin your training with a 1.5 km run, do a proper warm up and go! It’s always a good idea to pick up a location that inspires you and a close friend to set goals together. Nikki was the first person who put me into the running situation, encouraging me and finding ways to make it more enjoyable.


Now we are ready for a new challenge! Geared up with the new Nike LunarEpic Flyknit shoes and a great fancy to keep our promise! At just five minutes in, we were whining about our legs, our side and every part of our body. But our commitment sent us to the finishing line for that day! That little bit of discomfort is nothing compared to the joy and sense of accomplishment that you feel when you finish your first kilometres.

nike6 nike7 nike8 nike9 nike10 nike11

Nikki has a very inspiring story to tell about how she found the fun in running which sent her, three years ago, to the San Francisco Marathon! So why not start today? Find a friend who has the same passion and willing, pack your favourite music and JUST DO IT!

nike13 nike14 nike15

If you are in the beginning and you have a long way to go, always bear in mind that anything is impossible and failure is a teacher. Go girls, lets run a Marathon too!

nike16 nike17 nike18

photography Gertrude Gary Milk, muse Nikki Hayia, running wardrobe and LunarEpic Flyknit shoes by Nike

One thought on “setting new running goals!

  1. Eleanna @Damsel Adrift

    Seems like everybody is doing a health reboot these days. You started running again thanks to Nikki (she’s so cute by the way!), I know two other bloggers are following a healthy diet these days and I’m embarking on a detox challenge next week! Could it be spring approaching? xoxo Eleanna

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