October 31, 2015

secret garden: behind the scenes!


Flowers is one of the best things in life, or if you prefer the best. The second best thing is getting to know other people who have the same “floral” beliefs as you. The love for blooms! It’s kind of a “religion” in reverse, where you see first and then you believe. You face a dahlia and this can instantly put a smile on your face, or you hug a bunch of chrysanthemums able enough to make your whole day bright! Sometimes you are so fortunate that “pure joy” can be achieved into a Secret Garden! This was that day!


A few steps under the ground there is a colourful paradise on Earth! Pumpkins of all sizes, autumn plants, succulents, roses, ferns and berries were spread all over this creative space, ready to be part of a wonderful arrangement. I arrived right on time to experience a step-by-step preparation where love and care were the “lead materials” for every creation.

secret_garden3 secret_garden4 secret_garden5 secret_garden6

The whole studio was a nature’s simulation and everything was blooming. I could stay all day observing the Secret Garden team while working quietly, paying attention to the slightest detail and tenderly handling and designing their bouquets. They had those moments of excitement when their hands were absorbing the scent of the resin, and that exact time I was realising the passion for their work. The colours, the smells the textures were alive and they were transforming them into something new and unique. Different flowers were getting together in a bunch, harmonically and gracefully.

secret_garden7 secret_garden8 secret_garden9 secret_garden10

I always thought that working with flowers and plants could be a “dream job” ! During my stay there I convinced myself that being part of this beauty on a daily basis, banishes each and every fear, worry or anxiety. In their studio the routine blossoms into a pleasant and creative procedure, filled with vivid petals and leaves.



secret_garden14 secret_garden15 secret_garden16

I left Secret Garden with an inner fulfilment and a basket of chrysanthemums! The whole day, I was carrying that delight of being closer to my greatest love, plants! Thank you girls!



secret_garden19 secret_garden20 secret_garden21

Secret Garden is a floral styling studio based in Athens, Greece. At Secret Garden we create unique designs that are wild and romantic, experimenting with the vast variety of goods that nature offers. We strongly believe in sourcing locally, supporting local producers and using in-season flowers. There are endless “secret gardens” that offer inspiration for new floral concepts.We provide floral design and styling with a twist for weddings and events, as well as custom florals and styling for editorial shoots.We create and deliver personalized fresh floral arrangements to your home, restaurant or local business. If you would like something different, do not hesitate to contact us, we can arrange an appointment and create your dream floral design! and create your dream floral design.”


For more information about Secret Garden, visit their website here or contact them with any questions or feedback by email at vk@secretgarden.gr or via their company phone +30 694 646 1476.

(photos by Gertrude, post created especially for teapot.gr, thank you girls!)

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