July 30, 2015

salon spy: Elephant & Castle


Your hair? It can make your day or ruin your night! So be kind and nice and gentle and search for the experts! While staying and working in London, this place convinced me that visiting a salon should be an experience and so it was. Now back to Athens this “special treatment” feeling, was retained at Elephant and Castle, a unique place that makes you wish you were born two-headed to enjoy their services twice!


 Cosy, homey and effortlessly cool, designed to meet the needs of both men and women, a fully equipped bar cart, exposed brick walls, references to the 50′s, music from the vinyls and a small army of expertly trained hair stylists, are only some of the reasons why you want to return again and again for the perfect cut or just a quick hello!


And I continue adding to the list, the best dye jobs you’ve ever had, the welcome staff, the easy-going felling, coffee served in vintage cups and water in baby bottles, numerous books and magazines with the latest trends, a room with character and expert techniques!


Six questions with Stavros, (owner of Elephant & Castle)

1.Who or what inspired you to become a hairdresser? and what is the most fascinating part about being one? While a teenager, i bought a hair cut trimmer and started experimenting for fun on my friends, without having the slightest idea of what i was doing! Now the most fascinating part of my job is meeting and getting in touch, on a daily basis, with lots of people and with different personalities!


2.Ηοw has that journey been so far? I went through tough times, demanding bosses, difficult clients and periods of hardship but I prefer to recall the days spent with my motivating tutors, or the pleasant times at the academies with so many inspiring people around. Happy memories always win the game!



3.How would you describe your place and the atmosphere you’ve created? I spend most of my day at work so I wanted Elephant & Castle to be a place where me, my colleagues and my customers could really feel comfortable, just like home. And this was the main idea for setting it up.


4.What is the cut you enjoy most these days? I’m really into those strict short haircuts. I do also like to experiment with curly hair. 

elefant9 elefant10

5.What are your top tips for naturally beautiful hair? Light hair styling products, like sea salt water spray and and a naturally hair dry.



6.What’s your favourite place in Athens apart from Elephant & Castle? In fact I enjoy strolling around Protogenous Street, Psiri area, for my shopping and a coffee. Then I head over to Plaka to gaze and mix with tourists. This habit makes me feel I’m on vacation, away, on an island!

elefant8 elefant13 elefant17 elefant15 elefant14

Elephant and Castle , 21 Kolokotroni Street, Athens, Greece .

For appointment and general inquires find them on (0030) 21 3028 7802 , Facebook page here

(all photos by Gertrude Gary Milk, than you Elephant and Castle for your kind and sweet hospitality!)

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