April 1, 2013

recipe 3 / The Lonely Bull cocktail

A couple of weeks back,I was staring at my Chinese teapot thinking tha while I have enough caffeine in my body to keep me awake for almost a year,I was completely ignorant on how to make a proper cocktail for those after-work hours that you need to live a little.So I grabbed Ralph’s hand and headed to Osterman for a short lesson!

Yiannis arrived on time with a confident smile and his tartan bow-tie,ready to prepare and serve The Lonely Bull in our glasses!

  The Lonely Bull:

  • 50ml Tequila Blanco ,100% de agave
  • 20ml Mozart dry chocolate spirit
  • 25ml Raspberry Syrup
  • 20ml lemon juice
  • 1 egg white

the steps:

Dry shake all the ingredients using a hand blender.Add ice in a shaker and shake over ice.Finally double strain into a balloon-shaped snifter glass.Garnish with grated bitter chocolate.

If you are fond of  Tequila based cocktails you must stock up your bar and try it at home or come over and order it!

Ralph was sitting at the bar sipping The Lonely Bull behind my back!It was an exception to the rule that drinking alcohol isn’t allowed at work!

cocktail recipe and execution Yiannis Korovesis

photos by Gertrude Gary Milk

special thanks to Ralph Miliband

(the photo shooting took place at Osterman Bar & Dining Room,Plateia Ag.Eirinis 10, Athens, GR.)

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