December 23, 2016

Planning our 2017 adventures with Truevoyagers!


Truevoyagers is a website created for all travel addicts. Pascal and Efthimis (aka Tim Kragfrom our guest travel section), based on Athens, Greece, decided to make their traveling experience available to the public though photos of magnificent places, tips for effortless traveling, uniquely organised tours around the globe for small groups and personalised trip planning.

We visited them at their beautiful home in Marousi, Athens, had some authentic Singaporean tea, brought from their last trip, and chatted about their aspirations for the future.


What’s the story behind Truevoyagers and how did you come up with the name of your website?

During the last few years we have been traveling a lot, gathering experiences and having fun while taking photos for our personal archive. At some point, we thought that we ought to share our experiences with all those who want to travel anywhere any time but find it either expensive or complicated and overwhelming as an action. We wanted to project that you can travel on a budget while keeping your 9-5 work to destinations that you thought that do exist only in pictures. The name of the website is a reference to Charles’ Baudelaire quote in Les Fleurs du Mal: “But the true voyagers are only those who leave just to be leaving; hearts light, like balloons, they never turn aside from their fatality and without knowing why they always say: “Let’s go!”


How do you choose the destinations you are heading at?

 Our picks surely depend on our personal preferences but on the budget as well. We first decide about the period we want to travel in and search for suggestions for this season. The cost of the flights is crucial, as it constitutes a major expense. We look for relatively cheap flights without too many stops or long stop-overs. For example, traveling to Asian countries has become really feasible in the last few years and you may combine many countries in one trip for a small budget. In our last trip we combined Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia and Cambodia on a price you usually find for a single flight in the Caribbean or South America. 


How many countries have you visited so far?
We count 41 countries that we have visited either together or separately. Solely in 2016, we visited 8 countries!

Which have been your favorite destinations?
This is a question that we do get a lot and is so difficult to answer. During our journeys as Truevoyagers, we dived in amazing waterfalls in Bali, hung out with cosplayers in Tokyo and explored ancient temples in the Cambodian jungle. We do have a preference for Asia, as there are so many mesmerising places that you can visit on a budget. Tokyo, Bali and Singapore are our top picks for Asia. In Europe, we loved the Romanian countryside, the Dalmatian coast, the strolls along Danube in Budapest and the stunning sunsets at the Greek islands. As for Australia and America, Sydney and New York are cities that you must visit at least once in your life!


What do you usually choose to bring back with you returning from a trip?

We certainly bring back memories, useful information for our readers, lots of photos and videos and of course, souvenirs! Our home is filled with items that we have bought in our trips. We love stationery and cute handmade objects for home décor. When we visited Tokyo, we were so excited about the unique items we found there, that we blew out our budget!

How did you decide to develop this traveling idea into business?

We hope that traveling, besides passion, can also be our dream job. We really want to “initiate” people into trips. Our friends usually ask our advice about the destinations they should pick, the flights and hotels, as well as the restaurants or points of interest they should choose. As a result, we thought that more people should benefit from our experience and either let us become their concierge or come with us in the tours we will exclusively prepare for 2017.


What can readers find in your website? has a “Stories” section with tips and photos from our own trips. There is also the “Plan your trip” tab which will address the readers who want help with organising their journey either because they do not have the time to do so or they lack experience and knowledge on the field. We will provide them with a detailed questionnaire about their preferences and then based on that, we can plan their trip, suggest where to stay, places to visit, restaurants, cafés, bars, museums and attractions we believe that can fit their needs. This is actually our travel consultancy service which will have a flat fee based on the days of the trip we will plan for the customer. Last but not least, there is a “Tours” section, where we will soon announce our tour packages for next year.


What will these tours include and to whom they address?

We plan to organise tours in selected destination within 2017 for only small groups of people (up to 10 persons). Each tour will take place on specific dates and its price will include expenses for the hotel reservation, airport transfer, guided visits to attractions, meals and various activities. The activities depend on the destination and vary from culinary lessons to yoga sessions and surfing. We have already handpicked the hotels that correspond to our high standards at the most favourable rates for our customers. The packages will be affordable to everyone and address the travellers who want something different from their trip and the personalised touch of an experienced consultant. 


What do you think that separate you from the traditional travel agents?

The truth is that even though Pascal holds a degree in tourism management, we do not consider Truevoyagers as a travel agency. This is because we will not offer the typical and conventional packages a travel professional usually promotes; instead we provide an once-in-a-lifetime experience. We will accompany the clients in the tours, be their guides, blend with the locals, get to know the customs and traditions of the places we visit and get the most of each destination. For the travellers  that will choose our concierge service, we can reassure them that our suggestions will be based on their personal preferences and style.




What are the first destinations you have prepared tour packages for?

We have selected what we think will fit the preferences of the major part of travellers. We have picked Bali which is ideal for almost everybody: active travellers who are interested in surfing and scuba diving, nature lovers, culture enthusiasts or those with a layback lifestyle who like an affordable luxurious feel during their vacations. From Europe, we will concentrate on the Greek islands which attract lots of tourists outside Greece, and Barcelona, the city that ranks on top for almost any taste and style. There will be more destinations available as we continue our research on the ideal places to visit. 



What are your new year’s resolutions? 

We really want to develop our travel blogging among other activities within 2017. We will try to explore new destinations and establish new collaborations with flight carriers and hotels all over the world in order to promote our work but also their services. Thanks to these new collaborations, we will manage to expand our destinations list and prepare even more interesting trips for our customers. We will also try to get in touch with other bloggers, exchange guest posts and travel experiences. Another goal is to reinforce our social media presence. We have such a great pool of photos to feast your eyes on in our Instagram feed!


To wrap it up, do you have any plans for a new journey of your own?

Myanmar, Philippines, Argentina, Canada and Iceland are on Truevoyagers bucket list. You should check our website and social media regularly for announcements of our upcoming trips!


For daily updates and travel inspiration be sure to follow Truevoyagers on Instagram and Facebook. Their website is also a gem so don’t miss a post! Check the newest Truevoyagers’ post and their 48-hour Must See Guide for Singapore.

(photos by Gertrude, post created especially for Thank you Pascal and Efthimis for your kind and sweet hospitality!)

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