February 12, 2014

pedal and brunch at Handlebar


If you own one of those stubborn stomachs that complain persistently around noon, then you should adopt the term “brunch”  and pretend to have a British accent. If you also work or pedal in the city centre then a must “brake” for your persistent and hungry muscle is Handlebar. I personally don’t pedal but I get hungry quite frequently..


This narrow little road, filled with charming seats under the sun is a hangout joint for dogs, regulars, bikers and bikes all coming and go, fixing, cycling and tasting.



what to try from the menu: their eggs scrambled in any combination, the cool and fresh salads, the yummy vegetable noodles accompanied with a British beer.




for your sweet tooth we suggest: the banana,chocolate pancakes and the French toast with fresh fruits, both perfect for your breakfast or afternoon tea.


The Handlebar, Cycle Café & Bar,  open daily from 10:00 am until midnight

Melanthiou 105 54 Athens, Greece

tel: 21 1409 3002


photography by Gertrude Gary Milk , special thanks to Ralph Miliband for her valuable help

( post created especially for teapot.gr )

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