January 13, 2018

girls’ night in!


How do you spend your evenings with you girlfriends? Μadame Gâteaux has always her way to turn a small gathering into an exceptional feast. A few weeks ago she made her living room look like a ladies social club. Vintage cards, poker lessons, old fashioned cocktails and yummy bites were all part of the game! You can find each and every recipe on her blog too, but for now go get inspired!


(in this photo: mozzarella, cherry tomato, prosciutto & basil sticks, find the recipe here / cheddar & garlic scones, find the recipe here)


(in this photo: old fashioned cocktail, find the recipe here)

card4 card5

(in this photo: salmon & poppy seed palmiers, find the recipe here)card6 card7 card8 card9

(in this photo: dry martini, find the recipe here)

card10 card11 card13 card14

(in this photo: egg salad & chives finger sandwiches, find the recipe here)

card16 card17

(in this photo: classic tiramisu shots, find the recipe here)

card18 card19

Thank you Μadame Gâteaux, Gelly and Roi for this very special night!


(all photos by Gertrude, post created especially for Μadame Gâteaux and teapot.gr)

September 4, 2017

Milos island with Mary!


The island:


Milos is a wonderful little island of Cyclades, full of surprises, special charm, spectacular sunset views, beautiful beaches, excellent food and good-hearted people. Mary and I had an idillc and unforgettable weekend there together. Here is a mini photo story of our best moments on the island!


Sweet and Savoury delicacies:


Before you head to the beaches, don’t forget to stop at Paleos Pastry at Plaka. Neoclassic atmosphere in a traditional building, large yards full of flowers and view of the Castle. Nice selection of pies, local pastries and a delicious “ladenia”.


“Paleos”, tel: +30 22870 23490, Plaka, Milos


Color burst at Klima village:


Τhis traditional and picturesque fishing village of Milos is a must see. Admire the colourful two-storeyed houses that in the middle of the 19th century were owned by fishermen. On the ground floor, in the so-called ‘’syrmata’’ the fishermen’s boats were kept, whereas the families used to live on the top floor.

milos8 milos9 milos10 milos11

The cliffs at Sarakiniko:


In the Northeast part of the island, you will find the most photographed and famous Aegean landscape: Sarakiniko. The large, sun-bleached rocks give the impression that you’re standing on the moon. Try to arrive really early in the day in order to avoid the strong sun and the noteworthy pack of swimmers.

milos13 milos14

Plathiena beach:


Secluded, lovely and not organised. Dive into the crystal clear waters and find shelter under the trees. This beach doesn’t get much frequented during summer so it’s the perfect place to relax and read your books undistracted.



The epitome of hospitality at Eiriana Luxury Suites:


It’s the people that make the place, and Anna is surely the best hostess you could ever have. Always beaming and willing to cater for our every need, made our stay at Eiriana Suites, a blast!


What is the first thought that comes to your mind when you wake up? “Breakfast”! Anna surely knows how to satisfy you and a tray filled with goodies greeted us every morning.


“Eiriana Luxury Suites” , tel/fax: +30 22870 22730, email: [email protected] Trypiti, Milos


 Peaceful moments and Mandrakia Village:


Mandrakia still remains a graphic fisher village with in the northern part of Milos. Some tourists rent the old boathouses and spend peaceful days at this scenic little harbour.

milos20 milos21 milos22 milos23

Seaside bites at Medusa:


On our last day we were lucky to find a spot at Medousa tavern at Mandrake Village. This family run place serves great seafood and mezedes, prepared with fresh local ingredients. Find your spot on the edge of the water and enjoy the stunning views.


Medusa” tel: +30 22870 23670, Mandrakia, Milos



Ηomemade delicacies at Oh Hamos:


Last but not least, the ultimate place to please your palate. An a absolutely yummy array of dishes and a welcoming rustic-quirky atmosphere will put this place on top of your dining list.


Oh Hamos“, tel: +30 22870 21672, Adamas, Milos


(photos by Gertrude Gary Milk, precious fellow traveler Mary Retsina post created especially for teapot.gr)