November 27, 2013

our day at Merci!


Not only is Merci  the mecca of cutting-edge design but it’s a store we love popping in again again, for it’s unique atmosphere and it’s lovely street side cafés!


So before we head up to the furniture and clothes rooms we always stop at Cinema Café for a quick and healthy bite!



It’s a bright place, open on the terrace and the boulevard where you can meet for a delicious salad or a soupe du jour among “classic movie stars”.


Order a fresh and tangy juice or a home-made lemonade and treat yourself with a piece of  their moist pistachio cake.


Stepping into the store’s main place you will feel like you want to pick up everything. We tried to limit ourselves to the following but there is always their online shop if we ever need more!

 metal plates/pendant light/blanket/planter/notebook


With our bags filled and our wallet empty, we pass through the courtyard and the vintage shiny-red Fiat 500 and visit the Used Book Café for an afternoon coffee.


You can choose on of the 10,000 library books to accompany your tea or sit near the window that overlooks the street and the stylish pedestrians.


This place was a dream so merci beaucoup, Merci!


(photos by Gertrude Gary Milk)

Merci, 111 boulevard Beaumarchais 75003 Paris