November 16, 2015

on my day off: three favourite spots!



Sometimes we take our day off on Mondays, it’s a trick to deal with the beginning of a week that doesn’t seems so tempting! Today we share three places in Pagrati area that should definitely be on top of your list if you happen to be near, either in or out of office!


Your next “best friend” lies in this very special bookshop, specialising in dictionaries! On the shelves you will find foreign press, novels, short stories, plays, poetry, essays, children’s books and comics in a variety of languages.


It is remarkable that Lexikopoleio offers an enormous range of monolingual, bilingual and multilingual dictionaries in Greek, English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Latin, Ancient Greek, etc, as well as more diverse languages such as Basque, Georgian, Hebrew, Japanese and Tibetan on more or less every subject: the rain, statistics, the underworld, theatre, symbols, manga, and even dictionaries about dictionaries!

petite_p4 petite_p5

Lexikopoloeio, 13 Stasinou str. Pagrati, 11635, Athens, tel: +302107231201



Small, charming, romantic and a brand new entry in the neighbourhood! If your job can be done remotely, grab your laptop and “bring” your office at the Petite Fleur! Begin your day with a creamy cappuccino or choose between the Kusmi tea flavours. The detox one is my own favourite!


 The most delicious lemon tart in town is here! Smooth and creamy with a refreshing taste, makes the perfect match to your hot beverages.


The jazz tunes, the bright colours of the furniture and the amazing light throughout the day, all fill the space with a blissful mood. Play your own vinyls, or play something on the piano!



What you should not miss is their signature hot Valrhona chocolate. It takes about seven minutes to be prepared and it’s a warming, comforting and heavenly drink for the winter days!

petite_p12 petite_p13 petite_p14

 Open early in the morning supplying great coffee, tea chocolate and fresh goodies to get you moving, till midnight for a glass of wine or a refreshing cocktail, this sweet place will steal your heart!

petite_p15 petite_p17

Petite Fleur: 3, Aminda str. Proskopon Square, Pagrati, 11635, Athens, tel: +30 215 55 19 685



Boxes n’ Foxes is a store, a multiplex center with a strong handmade Greek touch in every utilitarian or decorative object. It is a group of experienced professionals that are glad to give you decorative advice, renovate your home, redefine the image of your old furniture or organize with you a christening. It is the source of handmade delicatessens and especially a well-hidden memory box!


Housed in an old space that was built during the 60s, along with other stores above the apartment building, is a world of constant experimentation and cultural research, that loves to embellish your spaces and moments with elegant objects and high quality services.

petite_p20 petite_p21 petite_p22Choose between utilitarian objects, “smart” and artistic, books, fabric toys, objects for children, sometimes a few delicatessens such as Greek products and various alternatives, interactive ideas for christenings and weddings!


Boxes & Foxes, 23 Archelaou str. Pagrati, 11635, Athens, tel: +30 210 72 41 223

(photos by Gertrude Gary Milk, post created especially for

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