January 20, 2016

on my day off: three favourite spots!


I’m currently in a 12 hour working marathon as I write this post, buried under photos, hard discs and camera cards, starving and seriously flirting with the idea of giving up any effort and take the day off, right after my official day off! If you can’t find the inspiration indoors then check our three favourite spots around Kolonaki Area and we’ll definitely approve your willing to take advantage of your downtime at work too!


NTEMONTE is one of the few places I frequent lately for my morning coffee, my afternoon tea, my mini lunch break or where I take all my meetings to, and possibly also the reason I make meetings for. It’s also this massive obsession I have with their super creamy lime tart that doesn’t seem to fade away with time.

kolonaki3 kolonaki4


Come for a morning croissant and you might find yourself staying on for lunch, testing all the  delicacies that are being baked in the open kitchen. Homemade chocolate croissants sit next to the signature Ntemonte buttery biscuits, and the yummiest savoury puff-pastry tarts are perched on the counter. On a rainy day try one of their heart warming soups or the blue cheese, walnuts and pear quiche with a herbal infusion alongside.

kolonaki6 kolonaki7


If you treat yourself to long tea-talks, you must consider this place as the ideal one for hosting a proper morning catch-up with you bestie. The most delicious heart shaped biscuits will accompany your first sip before everything else arrives and their crunchy n’ buttery taste in your mouth is enough to keep you imprisoned here, forever.

kolonaki9 kolonaki10

 NTEMONTE : 44 Charitos str. Kolonaki, 106 76 Athens. tel: +30 210 723 2525, open Tue-Sun: 10:00 am – 10:00 pm , closed on Mondays

2.) THEOCHARAKIS FOUNDATION, Pablo Picasso – Jean Cocteau:


The B&M Theocharakis Foundation for Fine Arts and Music presents Pablo Picasso-Jean Cocteau: The Pioneers of Modernism, an exhibition exploring the long friendship between the two avant-garde artists Picasso and Cocteau.

kolonaki13 kolonaki14

The exhibition includes more than 190 representative paintings, sculptures, potteries, drawings which highlight the artists’ great contribution to modernism.


Their work has a complex relationship with art since they both defined and influenced the philosophical movement of modernism. They are both affected by the ancient Greek spirit as reflected in their works.

kolonaki16 kolonaki17


kolonaki20 kolonaki21

Picasso and Cocteau fought against trivialities, ignorance, everything puritanical and hypocritical, vicious and imperfect. Thus, their art is full of life, full of questions and riddles, which do not repel us, but we face instead life itself and the inevitability of fate.

kolonaki22 kolonaki23

Their works belong to the future, since they continue to fascinate us, bringing to light all the important and the big issues of life.

kolonaki24 kolonaki25

EXHIBITION: Pablo Picasso-Jean Cocteau: The Pioneers of Modernism, Theocharakis Foundation: 

9 Vasilissis Sofias St & 1 Merlin St, Athens. tel: +30 210 3611 206



Get ready to travel back in time to a land where all your childhood memories live on. This charming little shop is a hybrid of Parisian scenes and vintage cutesy. 

kolonaki28 kolonaki29

Christina Mathea has created an extraordinary world for kids, grown-ups and lovers of nostalgia. Her collections are beautiful, unique and dreamy. Carefully selected fabrics, comfortable shapes with an eye on the slightest detail, colour and design games, neon pompoms and hidden glitter in the tutu skirts.

kolonaki30 kolonaki31 kolonaki32

Another little plus is that Christina designs her own amazing dolls in different sizes wearing the same outfits from the kids collection. You will also find classic, pretty and quality wooden games, and more treasures to come soon!

kolonaki33 kolonaki34 kolonaki35

Poupée is a trip, an experience and the most special and uncommon kids clothing store. Don’t worry if you don’t fit in a 3 years old dress anymore, or that you are not a mum yet, there is enough space to place hopscotch outside the store. They’ll give you candies!



Poupée Kids Store: 30 Charitos str. Kolonaki, 106 76 Athens. tel: +30 210 721 4279

(all photos by Gertrude Gary Milk, post created especially for teapot.gr)

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