March 20, 2012

nomadic spirit!

The opportunity to rebuilt yourself from scratch,comes very rarely in life,so if it shows up,you shall do nothing but grab it.It is sometimes inevitable that you leave your nest and become a “nomad” in order to seek a new orientation.Chambres en Ville is not just a hotel,is the “tent” that puts you up for the night after a personality hunting.The main building,an old mirror’s fabric dating back to 19th century,was succesfully transformed into this stunning bed and breakfast in the heart of Brussels.Only three rooms and two studios,initiate the lucky ones into a charming place,created by an artist who falls for travelling.

Tiny tip: Because Brussels is home to many art schools and cultural clubs,it has become a very popular destination for the creative “caravans”. At Chambres en Ville artists and writers rent a studio for a couple of days,to imagine,create and get inspired!

For more information and rates visit: Chambres en Ville ,Rue de Londres,19 1050 Bruxelles (B).

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