June 26, 2012

need some isolation…

This summer I am all about searching isolated and unspoiled places in order to find the perfect set for my holidays.I’m just asking for tranquility and I think I found it! Spinguera is on the top of my hotel list..

Located on the north coast of the island of Boa Vista ,this charming hotel was an ancient settlement for farmers and fishermen.Keeping the simplicity of the past and the colors of tradition,Spinguera is perfectly integrated into the breathtaking landscape.

Over the years I’ve realized that sometimes you have to take a break even during your holidays.This “self-detox” demands an island with no artificial light and no buildings to distract you.You must agree,it’s definitely worth the trip!

For more information and rates visit: Spinguera Ecolodge, Espingueira-Ilha da Boa Vista,Cabo Verde

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