October 20, 2014

a day with my drunken haze


At a time when Athens was living her 2010 springtime, guitarist, songwriter and composer Spir Frelini, gave it a whirl and formed “My Drunken Haze” , having in mind a music blend consisting of neo-psychedelic, garage guitar sounds and ethereal dream pop vocals. A year later, guitarist Harry Kane joins the band and in 2012 Matina Sous Peau becomes their singer and the third member until the appearance of the other two, drummer Nick Zoura and Costa Gunn on bass.


what comes first for you,music or lyrics?
Nick: It depends on the occasion. For me it’s music, although most of the times Spir has already some lyrics written beforehand.


if you could learn one more instrument,magically what would it be?
Matina: The drums. / Harry: After listening to Brian Eno’s “Another Green World”, it’s definitely the piano.



do you have any hidden talents you could have built a career with?
Harry: Nick plays excellent football and is a great fullback. He is currently training a junior team as well. / Spir: I have a hunch for discovering new bands and somewhat predicting their future in the field. I’m also pretty good at managing bands!


what do you argue about the most?
Harry: The length of Matina’s hair.


what’s the one song you wish you wrote?
Spir: The Byrds – Going Back / Harry: Pink Floyd-Interstellar Overdrive


do you think that being in a different time, or a different country would change your sound?
Nick: If we lived in Los Angeles around the 60′s, then the sun, the sandy shores and the laid back attitude of the people would have a great impact on our sound. Our songs would probably be more uptempo, characterized by the groove of that era.

haze_shot9 haze_shot10

which are your earlier music memories?
Costas: The magical sound of clarinet under an enormous plane tree. / Spir: My parents throwing parties, going wild with their friends while listening to italian and greek records.


how was your music affected after recording your first album?
Spir: Our music wasn’t affected so much and our songwriting stayed mostly the same, but the way we build songs has changed. We learned how to create hooks in our melodies by putting more work on the orchestration and by adding elements that create a wall of sound around a simple melody.


matina, how do you handle with all this testosterone around you?
Matina: It reminds me of the movie “Sleepers”, though it’s more of a parody than a drama.

haze_shot13 haze_shot14

what if a girl looks like a boy? why write a song about it?
Harry: Songwriting gives you the oportunity to get into someone else’s shoes and tell a story from a different perspective. You may be confident with your sexual identity and orientation, but what if you weren’t? In the end, the point is that a love story, no matter the people behind it, will always be a love story.


what does “my drunken haze” literally means?
Spir: It’s an altered state of mind. When people are drunk or stoned you hear them say that in their drunken haze they did something silly or something serious, they hugged a stranger, they broke their foot or made a decision they regreted the morning after.


a question you always wanted to answer :
Costas: A rhetorical one.



Τheir debut album “MY DRUNKEN HAZE ” comes out November 3rd and is currently available to pre-order. The band will open for Allah Las on November 1st at Fuzz Music Club .

For more on My Drunken Haze visit their Facebook page , Tumblr and Instagram account

photography: Gertrude Gary MIlk, special thanks to Gelly K. Rais 

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