September 24, 2013

meet the locals / 4 (part 2)


Another teapot post is dedicated to a destination, ideal for every season and various tastes, with picturesque landmarks and traditional shops, our beloved island of Aegina.


On the Day No 2, our walk started from a shop full of antiques, near the beach, named Kaloriziko.


The shop offers a wide variety of different old objects with vintage character, like fine glasses, music vinyls and disks, traditional gramophones, telephones and precious books.


Get lost in a past century right inside this marvelous place!


Gelly, our faithful guide, holds her favorite tote bag and keeps filling it with all the goodies we think that they’re going to match our apartments or feed our appetite.


Next stop, the Bakery of the Port, with Ms Matilda, the greatest hostess we’ve ever met, ready to give any advice you could ask for.


Don’t you love the sight of the bread lying on the wooden showcase with the cute little windows?


On our last stop, we had a rest in a coffee shop near the port, where the menu was written on a chalkboard and the gentlemen were discussing the daily news together with a glass of ouzo.


Our order included sour cherry juice and the Greek well-known mastic sweet, served on a spoon inside a glass of cold water.


A long stroll with the carriage was the best ending of our visit, which left us full of nice memories…We still have Aegina in our hearts and we are sure to declare that we will go back there soon! Until our next special Meet the Locals post, stay tuned for other surprises from teapot!


(words by Tim Krag,photography by Gertrude,

our tour guide Gelly K. Rais)

article created especially  for

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