September 16, 2013

meet the locals / 4

aegina1The island of Aegina is one of the most favorite destinations for the residents of Athens but its beauty is hidden in small details, which you can discover following our brand new photoshoot with Gelly K.Rais!

We were invited by Gelly’s aunt in a neoclassical house, which constituted the starting point of our journey, the first part of which was realized on a light blue vespa!

Our guide was a cute little dog, that led us through the streets of the island, ending up at the beach and a traditional fishery, the ideal place to buy the basic ingredients of our dinner.

The mussels we picked gave us the idea to look for additional fresh spices, out of which we distinguished basil and mint. The odor of mint could be added and match perfectly the taste of a refreshing cocktail that would complete our dinner plans.

Pistachios are the trademark of the island and can be used for the production of sweets apart from being a part of a salad, an ingredient of a complete course or a side for your drinks.


The hot and sunny weather made us continue our ride with the best mood and try to discover new hidden “treasures” on the island, like the open vegetable market, where we spotted high quality biological aubergines and carrots.


This amazing trip, full of odors, delicious flavors and magnificent images, is not over yet, but you have to wait for the rest of the pictures! We enjoyed every bit of it and, especially, the end of the day, when we tasted all the goodies we have bought! Stay tuned for Part 2!


(words by Tim Krag,photography by Gertrude,

our tour guide Gelly K. Rais)

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