June 7, 2013

meet the locals / 1

In this brand new column, we launch a new project called “Meet the Locals”, the aim of which is to give the opportunity to our beloved readers to discover the different districts of Athens and get to know the best and cutest little stores in them! Ralph Miliband will be our current faithful guide!

Our first stop is the widely known from ancient times district of Paleo Faliro, that is a beachfront suburb southwest of Athens. Its characteristic is the building of Floisvos that lies by the sea and serves as a cultural center of the municipality.With the huge palm trees along the beach and the neοclassical mansions, Paleo Faliro is a great spot for walks that will end up at its beautiful marina.Nevertheless, there is an entire whole new world when you enter the market of the area, with a lot of small “treasures” hidden in its numerous stores.

While we are taking pictures and keeping notes about the products in “Gaitanidis” milk-store, Ralph is being taught about the procedure of making strained yogurt. In the past, people used to strain the yogurt in a cloth or filter in order to remove the whey. The black and white picture on the wall depicts the exact procedure!

Usually, you can pinpoint a fish-store by its smell, but that’s not the case with the traditional “Psaropoula”! With lights just ideal for a photo-shoot, the fresh fish, coming from Aegean come “alive” in front of our camera. The store also offers the opportunity to bring you the fish you desire straight at your house with just a phone-call!

During our walk, we could not ignore the neoclassical  mansions that were lying noble and luxurious next to us. Ralph sneaked inside to see more and the camera lens “caught” her while closing the front door. Some meters away a cute dog was watching us, full of curiosity!

Last but not least was our visit in the delicatessen shop, called “Benito”, which counts 85 years of history, having its origins in Istanbul. The most delicate products are found inside and the most helpful and smiling staff is ready to respond to all your questions!If you are a gourmet lover or fan of traditional delicacies from ancient Turkey and Greece, this is your place, as you can also find a lot of warm dishes ready to savor!

We hope that you enjoyed our mini-journey as much as we did!

Valuable Information : “Gaitanidis”, 16 Ag. Alexandrou, Paleo Faliro, 210-982251

   “Psaropoula”, 20 Ag. Alexandrou, Paleo Faliro, 210-9853143 & 6932363463

       “Benito”, 22 Thetidos, Paleo Faliro, 210-9837677 & 210-9855252

 (text by Tim Krag, photography by Gertrude, special assistant Ralph Miliband)

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