February 24, 2014

me & my pet eat KYON!

If you are a dog owner you must have experienced these countless moments where two begging eyes persistently stare at your lunch praising to fall straight under their canine teeth. But what happens when the roles reverse? What if you were the beggar? Coveting your dog’s food may seem awkward but it’s not. It’s definitely not! This cute, little jar containing crunchy dog treats from KYON has lately become the bone of contention between me and my dog Freddie!


KYON is a Greek natural product made with the finest local, organic ingredients. The idea started when George decided to make healthy, nutritious and tasty dog treats that contain no preservatives or industrial food additives.

Seasonal fruits, vegetables and aromatic herbs from KYON’s garden are combined with low fat meat, brown rice flour -grated by KYON to preserve all the nutritional qualities of the husk- and then baked into cute bone shapes!


Being Human Grade, means that KYON fits for human consumption.The clean and pristine ingredients that are free of harsh chemical preservatives and fillers, assurance that the food has been manufactured, packed in sterilised jars and held in accordance with federal regulations for human food.




At the moment there are six different available treats which contain ingredients such as turmeric, ginger and Greek red saffron with a strong antioxidant protection.


 KYON ‘s artistic member Daphne, came up with eight simple and minimal label designs that are rotated on the jars.  


Every Saturday morning KYON  provides food and affection for street dog “gangs” that are in need of care and protection.


Within their future plans, is to make the first complete, Greek, natural and seasonal dog food. While I’m writing and reading out loud this sentence my dog Freddie wishes this plan come true so we can both share the same lunch. He would eat the dog food and me…..the dog food too!!!


photography by Gertrude Gary Milk

You can find more about KYON on their Facebook page here 

or contact them at: [email protected]

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