April 9, 2014

me & my pet / 4

kleiw-gwgw1 copy

Starring: Gogo and her nine years old, labrador retriever, Kleo


Kleo came into Gogo’s life as a puppy folded in a red kitschy bow. Since then Gogo and her faithful companion share a pretty apartment and a life full of adventures!


Rumour has it that Kleo feels quite frequently the need to go for a walk during midnight. This quirky habit doesn’t upset Gogo who is always willing to leave her warm bed and accompany Kleo throughout her mission to find and mark the best tree spot!


When it comes to excursions both ladies are on their toes and paws! Kleo wears her straw hat, Gogo grabs her camera and they set off. A fun and unbeatable team of two!


Bibi (a nickname for Kleo) loves to follow around Gogo and learn how things operate in the house. She’s patient and obedient and believes that if she stares a croissant for hours, it will, one day, end up in her mouth!


photography by Gertrude Gary Milk, special thanks to Ralph Miliband for her valuable help

(post created especially for teapot.gr)

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