January 20, 2014

me & my pet / 2


Michael is the owner of a beautiful art gallery in Marylebone, London. He and his huge Pyrenean mountain dog Rufus, travel daily on the tube and go to work together!


Michael bought Rufus as a puppy 9 years ago. Since then the leather cough outside Michael’s shop is occupied by his fluffy pal!


He feels very proud about Rufus as he is the most lovable and photographed dog!


Rufus loves people in wheelchairs and the smallest of babies. When there is a child on a push he goes nose to nose to say hello!


Even people who are frightened of dogs want to hug him and take a photo of him while sleeping peacefully on his favourite spot.


The only time Michael gets angry with Rufus is when he picks up food that he shouldn’t do. They end up fighting and then loving each other again after a while!


Rufus knows how special he is and plays on it! 


photography by Gertrude Gary Milk

(post created especially for teapot.gr)

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