November 25, 2013

me & my pet / 1


Introducing this new column to Teapot’s fans who love beautiful things, remarkable pictures and astounding personal stories, we aim to present you tomorrow stars of our site. Our beloved pets.In today’s first “Me & my Pet”, Gregory together with his two cats and his two dogs, shows how awesome being a part of a big family is.

Starring from left to right: The Dogs, Balu and Druna


Gregory at his beach house in Rafina


The Cats, Black and Ginger 


Druna, has had a difficult time quite recently and after an exigent operation, she is now trying to recover. Gregory is always next to here, assisting her to climb or get down the stairs and embracing her when she feels too weak to walk. He admits that Druna loves cuddles and being nestled up in his arms.During the photoshoot, she turned up to be the best and most collaborative model, isn’t it obvious?


After a severe hit on the leg and a painful wandering in the streets, Balu was lucky enough to be found by Gregory, having at last his own lovely home. Today, he is more energetic than ever, playful, yet asking for constant attention after being neglected for so long. All in all, as you can see, he is absolutely adorable!


If you prefer felines to canines, then Ginger and Black could definitely rock your world. Gregory can’t choose cats over dogs or the opposite, with his love to both of them being unconditional.Black proved to be a real diva, as she has disappeared after some good shots, taking the rest of this tiring modelling day off. Unlike her, Ginger was more friendly and spent quite a lot of time with us, posing for a winner shot.


Everyone loves being free and carefree at the same time and especially when it comes to dogs. Running at the beach, Balu loves the feeling of the water and he dives in, joyful, without second thoughts. More elegant Druna prefers playing at the beach. After finding a perfect branch for tossing, she barks calling us to participate in her game.


When it’s time to get back, both dogs have their own special position on Gregory’s Jeep, always ready for a new exploration. Back on the car’s trailer, they set out for a new adventure, knowing that they could have never been happier than now, belonging to a big happy family.


photography by Gertrude Gary Milk, words by Tim Krag, special assistant Ralph Miliband

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