November 29, 2015

matina’s extra-ordinary world!


1. your ordinary side: There is no ordinary side, there is no routine. This ordinary term has no place in my reality.

2. your extra-ordinary side: It’s all over me, i can be comic or a member of the circus, a girl dancing with her umbrellas and her huge bows, always in different and quirky outfits. I’m on the bizarre side, I can’t conform.


3. what do you brew in the pot? Mostly magic! I always keep my mind busy. Creation, art, inspiration. I’m trying to find ways to express myself, to cause an upside-down mess. We have to bring  boundaries down and change the “must do” into “need to”. This “personnalité” has to be uttered.



4. had you the choice before birth would you choose to be a man or a woman? A woman, although I have my male side fully developed.

5. your most precious possession: I have no possessions, no object to call my own. I create things and they get sold, they find an owner that’s not me, they go away. This is why we make art.



6. a luxury that you owe to yourself and never abandon: A glamorous bubble bath is a luxury. I like everything that’s “glamorous” lately and everything that’s gold and lavish. Chocolate can be a luxury too.

7. a habit that can be translated into an obsession: Τhe word “habit” should be banned so does the habit itself. I can’t  stand the ordinary state of things. I just can’t.



8. what can drive you to crime? My mother, undoubtedly. 

9. a dream that visits you quite frequently: Babis, the plumber.  



10. what is art for you? Art is the creation, the simple application of human creative skill and imagination. It’s this feeling inside you that you can’t suppress. If one can’t express himself, he dies. There is no alternative to that.

11. what makes someone an artist? The real artist has to suffer. He has to make sacrifices, to be racked with pain for his own art. I can’t think of another way to achieve something. 

matina1 matina12

12. is this reality enough for you? No artist is fine with his reality and his era, otherwise he wouldn’t be an artist right? I think I should have been born in the 60′s or maybe in Hollywood,or in a french cabaret doing my burlesque show. 

13. your worst fear: Censorship, lack of expression.

matina22 matina14

14. what makes someone good in something? Practice makes perfect darling.

15.what has life taught you so far? A person’s health is their most valuable asset. It’s a cliche i know, but it’s true. Our mental health goes first of course. All sorts of bodily diseases are produced by ill and sorrowful minds.


16. a question you always wanted to answer: “How much does it cost?”


Matina is a figurative artist and a performer. She is the owner of a charming, little shop, bursting with creativity and talent. No words are enough to describe her intriguing character and her imaginative personality. Rainy days boost her mood and her atelier feels like Paris. Visit her on a daily basis except Mondays to find vintage clothes, accessories and her own creations. You will probably have a chance to see her performing, singing or dancing!

Matina Creations, 20 Lekka str, Sintagma, Athens. Find more on her Facebook page here

(photos by Gertrude, interview and post created especially for

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