January 18, 2015

living in the kitchen


Every home has a meeting point, and a meeting room. For me is the kitchen. A landmark where we give our appointments, and the place where we start our conferences, gatherings and negotiations. If it wasn’t playing any of these rolls, it would be a cold, unfriendly room, something like the garage or the laundry. But being the core of our home, it has to have a character. It has to team up with a round table and white metro tiles ,vintage oak, open shelves, colourful ceramics, coppers cookwear sets , and herb filled pots. We live in the kitchen, don’t we?

kitchen2 kitchen3 kitchen4


one.Pendant Rustic Light from Viokef , two. Notebook Tea Towels from Αrro Home , three. Madison Tumbler from Schoolhouse Electric , four. Kaico Japanese Enamel Kettle from Poketo , five. Small Spells Dash Out Ball from Nasty Gal , six. Olice Wood Serving Spoon Set from Poketo , seven. Reactive Stoneware Espresso Cups from Urban Outfitters , eight. Mildred Oven Mitt from Anthropologie , nine. Cuisine Couture Apron from Anthropologie , ten. The Smitten Kitchen Cookbook from Amazon

kitchen5 kitchen6 kitchen7 kitchen8 kitchen9

image sources: a.b.c.d.e

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