January 18, 2013

live in plants!

from top to bottom:a.b.c.d.e

Maybe the best way to spruce up a “not-so-living room”,is by decorating it with different pots and plants.If you haven’t cultivated this “gardening ” habit yet,because you can’t even keep a succulent alive,then your green new  friends can teach you how to be responsible.Don’t even think to cheat on them with an artificial one that doesn’t expect much from you…these “creatures” are  just pretending  a photosynthesis!

one.Garden Gear from Terrain/two.Aromatics Culinary Herbs Print from Etsy/three.Garden Scissors from Terrain/four.Watering Can from Terrain/five.Seed Bombs from Anthropologie/six.Vintage Pot from Terrain/seven.Over-dyed Chair from Anthropologie/

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