July 3, 2012

“Light my Fire”


Anya isn’t just another old-fashioned girl. Even though she dresses like a girl living on a past decade (somewhere between late 60’s and early 70’s), her thoughts about life remain really contemporary and her spirit could never be more awakened for tonight’s festival.

21:15 pm

Her printed modal and cashmere blend scarf smells like wild roses and summer fruit thanks to her light perfume around her neck. The heat is burning down the place where many group bands will perform songs from her all-time favorite group, The Doors. Anya can’t hide her impatience and is playing nervously with her braided friendship bracelets. She has been waiting for weeks for this night, given that it’s her only chance to meet her new crush, the lead singer of “Dead Smiles”, Ian.

The crowd yells, the suspense grows bigger and her feet start to slip into her flat black sandals because of her sweat. Ian grabs the microphone and the melody of “Light my fire” is on the speakers.

“..Girl, we couldn’t get much higher Come on baby, light my fire
Try to set the night on fire..”

Ian makes a sudden movement with his hand and points towards the audience, asking about who would like to come on the stage and accompany him to the song. Anya screams like never before, his attention is drawn and he gets straight away hypnotized by her wonderful green eyes. He calls her up on stage, she climbs with a little bit of pushing and poking and she is standing in the middle, like a true rock star!

Her yellow shorts look blinding against the lights that hit her, while her denim vest seems well-fitted and gives her a sexy figure. She owns the scene and feels absolutely confident. Anya sings the lyrics along with Ian, who leans his hand to her waist and pulls her towards his body. The chemistry is obvious, the temperature rises and her heart is definitely on fire! She can’t help but kissing him..

To be continued..

                                                                                              By Tim Krag

(product finds and photo collage by Gertrude)

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