November 18, 2013

let’s go to Australia!

If you ever find yourself in Melbourne,there is a small lovely town,one and a half hours drive away you should definitely explore.And when the night falls,knock Lynda’s door ans ask for a room!


The White House was an original 1850s brick miner’s cottage which has been restored and transformed into a beautiful,rustic guesthouse run by Lynda Gardener.


The place is filled with vintage and antique treasures that make every room scream elegance and sophistication.

The house has two bedrooms and one separate garden bedroom where you will find crisp white sheets,feather pillows French doors and Deborah Bowness artwork.


To relax soak in the claw foot bath and turn on the French Chandelier that gives a dramatic feature in the room.



Sit comfortably in a  leather 1930′s chair and enjoy the company of a good read  from the library.It’s always cosy by the fire.



Gather for dinner around a tressle table with views to the garden.The menu and the recipes are written on a blackboard!


I bet you were tempted,so next time you are looking for a glorious weekend retreat find your place into this design heaven!


For more information and rates visit The White House, Daylesford, Australia.

(photo credits:a.b.c.d.)

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