March 15, 2012

keep the vintage!

(top to bottom:1/2/3/4)

After I “studied” the above pictures carefully,I made a conclusion which I must share with you: 

Every time we get rid of the old and worn furniture,there are others who throng the flea markets to buy at A PRICE our leftovers for this specific reason,to transform their impersonal rooms into cosy corners.Next time you feel determined to make a clearance please think it over cause when you’ll need a vintage shabby-chic rug to change the atmosphere of you living room,you will have to break the bank and pay a fortune for pieces you had once inherited from your grandma!

Well,you can go for a little shopping,but don’t say I didn’t warn you,these items can sometimes be really expensive:

(one)Antique Napoleon Settee from Jayson Home,(two)Vintage Independent of Odds Flag form Pedlars,(three)Black Slated Globe from Pedlars,(four)Work Lamp from Old Faithful Shop,(five)Vintage Belgian Books from Jayson Home,(six)Vintage Rug from Jayson Home,(seven)Antique Zinc Letter from Jayson Home,(eight) Sunlight Soap Barrel Planter from Wisteria,(nine)Vintage Bar Cart from ABC home

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