July 2, 2017

Kastellorizo, a colorful oasis in Greece!


I had long wanted to visit this place. I remember an old family friend sharing with us his adventures from Kastellorizo, with his eyes wide with awe at the memory. Two years ago, September of 2015, I let out a quite loud whoop of excitement the moment i stepped my foot at the harbour, locals didn’t mind at all, they are used to that kind of expressions since gawping is encouraged here and best done during the golden hour. This colourful paradise and the breath-taking views, were enough to persuade me for my second trip, a year later. This story is from mid August 2016, with the days bright and hot, too hot.

kastellorizo2 kastellorizo3

Where to stay:


If you want the get the full experience of the island, do book your room here. It’s an order not a suggestion. Mediterraneo is a historical waterfront house converted into a sweet and fabulous little hotel. Marie created a delightful little haven with vibrantly coloured bedroomslooking out over the harbour and a sunbathing terrace on the quayside. A magnificent suite occupies the ground floor, where you can just step out and dip into the inviting aquamarine waters. Step down a bathing ladder into the crystal clear sea with rainbow-hued fish darting around your toes. Swim across the bay to the island’s hot spot for a drink!

kastellorizo5 kastellorizo6 kastellorizo7 kastellorizo8 kastellorizo9 kastellorizo10

Mediterraneo Kastelorizo Hotel, Megisti, Kastellorizo tel / fax +3022460 49007, for more information visit their website here. 


Where to swim:


Sea taxis come and go from the harbour to Agios Georgios, a swimming and snorkelling place with a small tavern, sun-beds, shades, clear and warm waters . It’s the island’s summer meeting point for people or sea turtles. A great place to spend the day!

kastellorizo13 kastellorizo14 kastellorizo15 kastellorizo16

Where to rest:


Although the island has a wide array of fish and seafood restaurants to choose from, I really love this little place tucked away behind the hustle and bustle. The Olive Garden has its own  unique hippie character. Stop by this folk yard for a glass of wine, a light meal, coffee or tea. During the summer nights, live music takes place under the vines, the candles are glowing and some king of magic happens here!

kastellorizo18 kastellorizo19 kastellorizo20 kastellorizo21

Olive Garden, Megisti, Kastellorizo, tel +30 22460 49109

kastellorizo22 kastellorizo23

Where to “buy” memories:


This is my all time favourite antique shop, in Greece. The owner is a fantastic French woman who spends six months on the island running this very special business at the harbour. You can spot her in the morning taking long walks along the island, buying groceries with her little straw basket and her white linen dress. You can spend hours inside the shop, looking at her treasures brought here from France and Europe. Do not miss this experience!

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When to go:


September is the ideal season to visit Kastellorizo, the island has left behind the tourist season, everything seems more authentic and the weather isn’t so hot. You can reach the island by plane or by ferry from Rhodes island.

kastellorizo31 kastellorizo33

(photos by Gertrude Gary Milk, post created especially for teapot.gr)

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