November 4, 2014

in a victorian tearoom!


Couple of months earlier and I still have this taste in my mouth. Strong black tea with milk and spoonfuls of syrupy, moist chocolate cake. I can also recall correctly the sound of a guitar, a violin, a banjo, two pair of shoes dancing on the wooden floor, a dog snoring and two lips sipping carefully from a hot mug. I remember the atmosphere, I can make a perfume resembling the flowery scent of the place, you can ask and get an accurate answer about anything taking place in this victorian tearoom because in my dreams I would work and live right in there! So why ask for more when you can serve barefoot in your floral velvet dress, surrounded by artists, musicians and your scruffy dogs sleeping in armchairs?


vintage_emporium3 vintage_emporium4 vintage_emporium5 vintage_emporium6 vintage_emporium7 vintage_emporium8 vintage_emporium9 vintage_emporium10 vintage_emporium11 vintage_emporium13 vintage_emporium14

“Vintage Emporium is a charming unique vintage boutique, selling clothes and accessories dating from the Victorian era to the 1950s. The tearoom upstairs serves a range of fine teas and herbals, homemade cakes, sandwiches, soups and seasonal dishes. Acoustic music sets and life-drawing lessons are arranged regularly.”


Vintage Emporium 
14 Bacon Street
London E1 6LFBrick Lane, Shoreditch, Bethnal Green , phone: 020 7739 0799

photography Gertrude Gary Milk, special thanks to Ersi

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